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Whaley Bridge Garage - MOTs and Services

MOTs at Whaley Bridge Garage

Few things are more important to any car owner than their annual MOT. Failing to get this essential service taken care of will result in your vehicle being declared illegal to drive, and could cause all kinds of problems should you face the nightmare scenario of accident. Thankfully, the Whaley Bridge Garage offers an excellent and comprehensive MOT service that will ensure that you can sleep easy at night. Here at Whaley Bridge Garage, we are incredibly reliable for MOTs. In fact, they’re our speciality! We are also a fully RAC-approved garage, ensuring that we perform all work to an exemplary standard.

Excellent MOT Services in Derbyshire

Here at Whaley Bridge Garage, we take pride in our MOT service. You can be sure that you are in the good hands of our experienced and friendly team of mechanics. An MOT test should be carried out yearly, on all vehicles over the age of three. Whaley Bridge Garage also offers our customers the RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan free of charge.

Whaley Bridge Garage Services

Servicing your vehicle is every bit as important as getting an annual MOT. Think of this as a health check-up for your car. Our experienced and friendly team will take a thorough look at your vehicle, and ensure that it’s all in full working order. If we spot anything untoward, we’ll deal with it in the garage before it becomes a problem!

Three Tiers of Service

t Whaley Bridge Garage, we offer the standard three tiers of service – interim service, full service and major service. The service you choose will depend on how many years old your vehicle is, or how many ,miles it has driven.

Interim Service

If you have had your vehicle serviced in the last six months, or only tend to drive around 5,000 miles per year, you can take advantage of an interim service that will focus on oil and filter changes.

Full Service

If it’s been a year – or around 12,000 miles of driving – since your last service, we strongly advise a full service. During this, we will look at everything that is included in an interim service but we’ll also investigate your brakes and battery as well as topping up any fluids.

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Major Service

If it’s been two years since you last had you vehicle serviced, or you’ve driven 24,000 miles of more, it’s time for a major service. During a major service, we will carry out all checks and inspections that are included in an interim and a full service, but with added extras. We’ll replace any filters and spark plugs that may be needed, as well as everything covered by the interim and full services.